World in Conflict 10 Years


When we released World in Conflict back in 2007, we couldn’t imagine the success it would become – it’s even listed as one of the best RTS games to this day.

To celebrate its anniversary we are turning Massgate – the back-end server software for the game – into open-source. The code can now be found at Github, where you can download it without a hassle. 

The code itself is more or less the same as when the game was released in 2007. Only minor tweaks have been made to make it build on a relative modern compiler and remove the necessity to manage CD-keys.

As a piece of game development history, and for anyone interested in how online servers were written at the time, it is definitely a point of interest.

World in Conflict - About the project

Want to get started? Head over to – the community-driven destination for multiplayer – to get going!

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