Giving back to our community

One of our core values at Massive is responsibility. As a big company and an important actor in the region, we believe that we can make a real difference. Through our different commitments we get the opportunity to give back to our community in a meaningful way.


At Massive, we are committed to the belief that every human being should have the same value, rights, and opportunities – no matter who you love or how you identify yourself. No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love or how you identify yourself – our Massive family welcomes you with open arms. And that’s something we are immensely proud of.

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MAlmö works

How can we contribute to a greener and healthier city? And how can we make it easier for everyone to travel with sustainability in mind? We are one of the pilot companies in Malmö Works – a company initiative with the goal to enable more sustainable travel options to and from work in Malmö and reduce the amount of car trips in the city.

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Pink Programming

Massive is collaborating with Pink Programming, a non-profit organization that aims to increase the number of female programmers. We will share our joy for programming, and help women take the first step into the gaming industry while creating a network for like-minded women. Together we hope to create an inspiring and inclusive environment for women!

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As one of the bigger employers in Malmö, we feel it’s important to take social responsibility and give back to our local community. Together with Fryshuset, we want to help create a sustainable and fun environment for kids and young adults in difficulty. Massive Ambassadors will support Fryshuset and make sure to provide them with games, hardware and consoles.

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We believe that everyone in our local community should have a safe space where they can feel warmth and love – especially when everything feels dark, cold, and lonely. That’s why we have decided to partner with Skåne Stadsmission, who work to help people in vulnerable conditions, and especially children in homelessness.

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In these unusual times, we at Massive want to do our best to help where we can. As part of the local community, we see great value in supporting local initiatives, and in this case, we have identified three charitable organizations and initiatives to support financially: K-märkt, Namu and Fryshuset.