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Innovative, Progressive and Vibrant

Sweden is one of the most modern and progressive centers of technology, design, and equality in the world. Due to these factors, we have a vibrant game development scene, with both big and small studios making their homes here. In Sweden, we enjoy a mix of both city life and nature.

Sweden is known for its excellent benefits, especially when it comes to work life. Vacation time is 5 weeks, which gives you plenty of time to relax, explore our beautiful cities and nature or even to sightsee around the rest of Europe. Overall, we place a strong emphasis on satisfaction in both work and personal life.

For families, Sweden offers generous parental leave (480 days) for both parents, daycare centers, after-school services, child allowance and many other benefits. Most of our schools and universities are also free to attend!

If you join us here at Massive, we will make you relocation as smooth as possible by helping you with your work permit application, guidance and advice on relocation, as well as giving assistance with tax and social insurance authorities. Sweden is a welcoming place, and we’ll be a part of making sure you feel that as soon as you arrive.

Learn more about Sweden at, the official source for facts about Sweden.



For most Swedes, English is a second language. You can easily navigate Swedish society with English only, without any issues being understood. At the same time, Massive offers Swedish classes to all employees moving here.


We are proud to say that Sweden offers generous parental leave for both parents, daycare centers, after-school services, child allowance and many other benefits.


We at Massive will make relocation a smooth experience. Therefore, we’ve partnered up with a relocation company that will guide you every step of the way in your relocation.

Green Thinking

Sweden works hard to be environmentally friendly by reducing emissions and finding green solutions for public transport, which contributes to Sweden’s clean air and water. Many Swedes walk or ride a bike to work, especially when the weather is nice.

In Sweden, we have what is known as “allemansrätten” – the Right of Public Access. This means that we are free to walk, bike and camp out in the Swedish countryside. You can put up your tent where you like, pick mushrooms and berries, and take in the full range of Sweden’s beautiful nature, as long as you take care of it and respect it in turn.

We have a love for outdoor activities – be it hiking (must see: Skåneleden), skiing and sailing – and we have a wide range of beautiful environments to visit, from the mountains and ski slopes in the north to the forests, farmlands, and small towns of southern Sweden.

Explore the versatility of Sweden at VisitSweden, the official website for tourism and travel information.

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Life in Malmö

Malmö is a diverse and dynamic city for both people and culture, with more than 170 nationalities represented in our 350 000 inhabitants. Our city offers a growing creative technology sector, engaging cultural events, concerts, art exhibitions, museums, and shopping. And of course, since we’re right by the sea, the beach is just a stone’s throw away, together with our plentiful parks and green areas all around the city.

Malmö has a great transportation system, both when it comes to public transportation and dedicated bike lines. Generally, it won’t take you longer than 20 minutes to get to our office Eden, no matter where you live in Malmö. With the short distances and easy access to transportation, you are always close to whatever you need – whether it be food, entertainment, art, or nature.

And – as a bonus – the vibrant Danish capital Copenhagen is just a short train ride away.

Get to know Malmö even better through MalmoTown, the official source of information from the City of Malmö.

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Biking in Malmö: Tina Axelsson/
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