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Ubisoft Connect is Ubisoft’s new generation of game enhancing services. Our mission is to enrich our players’ lives and foster a thriving and engaged community around our games.

We provide a multitude of cross-platform services to our players, such as chat, friends, news, Challenges & Rewards, Stats, and more. On top of that, we also offer some PC-exclusive features, with Share Play, the in-game store, the games library, as well as access to trials, betas, and free weekends among them.

Ubisoft Connect is also a development-facing service, making sure our game development teams can focus on what really matters: creating games. We supply them with a publishing platform and also manage a large part of our collaborations with industry partners. Additionally, we provide an internal environment for development and testing, as well as a set of standardized services, ready for them to use.

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About the people

People from a variety of disciplines work in our team: Designers, programmers, analysts, infrastructure and network specialists, technical support personnel, community developers and project managers. We have a multicultural and diverse team, working across ten studios worldwide. We welcome people with different background and experiences and strongly believe it is key for the team’s success.

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