The Snowdrop Engine

Empowering our content creators

A Massive innovation

The Snowdrop engine is efficient and flexible, enabling relatively small teams to create ambitious AAA games. At the core of the Snowdrop engine, we want to empower the developers.

When using Snowdrop, the artists, the designers and the animators have full power and control over the engine to achieve their ideas and vision. Snowdrop is a dynamic and interconnected system, which makes it intuitive and very easy to use.


Full control of ideas and vision


A powerful and intelligent engine that gives the power to the content creators.


Snowdrop is a dynamic, interconnected and flexible system where developers can create their assets quickly and interact with them in ways that have never been seen before.


A tailor-made, custom engine built from the ground up specifically designed for the new generation of video games.


An engine that enables the creation of ultra-realistic game universes, enhanced by dynamic global illumination and stunning real-time destruction.

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Oct 22, 2020

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