Tom Clancy's The Division

Society has collapsed


Tom Clancy’s The Division is a brand new IP in the franchise, created and developed by Massive Entertainment. It is an online, open-world, role-playing game where the players get to experience first-hand exactly how fragile our modern society is.

The stage is set as a deadly modified strain of smallpox is released into the population of New York City. You and your team must not only battle the effects of the virus, but those behind it to restore society and take back the city.

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Did you know?

Fastest selling new game franchise

Tom Clancy’s The Division sold more copies in 24 hours than any game in the history of Ubisoft. Overall, it was the fastest selling new game franchise in its first week of release.

Manhattan with amazing details

Many players have commented on the amazing detail of Midtown Manhattan. We made several research trips to make sure we got the actual feel of New York City.

6.4 million beta participants

Over 6.4 million players, across all platforms, participated in the open beta leading up to the release.

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