Walking with Massive Pride

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For the second year in a row, friends and colleagues from Massive Entertainment walked with pride in the Malmö Pride Parade as a statement about our belief in equal value, rights, and opportunities for everyone.

The air is practically buzzing at Malmö’s biggest square as the participants of the Malmö Pride Parade eagerly waits for the go-ahead to start walking. Rainbow flags wave in the summer breeze, and everywhere you turn you can see smiles, colorful outfits, and love – so much love.

In the shade of a couple of trees, we from Massive are getting ready to walk in the parade. Kim, project manager for this year’s Massive parade, is sorting out t-shirts for people to wear.

“I actually saw Massive in the Parade last year, and decided that this is a company I want to join, a company that shares my values. And this year I’m a part of the Massive family and even got to arrange this year’s Massive Parade. I’m very proud.” she explains as she picks up a Massive rainbow flag.

a commitment to our beliefs

Last year, we participated in the Malmö Pride Parade for the first time ever.

It was a way for our studio to make a statement about our commitment to the belief that everyone should have the same value, rights, and opportunities – no matter who you love or how you identify.

This commitment is deeply integrated in the Massive culture, and we share the common belief that diverse and inclusive teams have the possibility to make better games. In our continued support of diversity and inclusivity, we are proud to once again walk with Massive pride in the Parade.

Even though we as a studio know what we believe and stand for, it’s vital to also tell the world about it.

“Being part of a company of our size comes with responsibility, and I believe it’s important to be visible in our support. Even though we as a studio know what we believe and stand for, it’s vital to also tell the world about it. That way, we can hopefully inspire and motivate others to do the same.” says Kim.

dancing through the streets of Malmö

Finally, the clock strikes one o’clock, and the parade slowly starts moving. With our rainbow flags held high and our rainbow M’s on our backs, we walk – and dance – through the streets of Malmö. When we reach the end destination, our feet may be sore and our voices hoarse, but our spirits are still sky-high.

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