A Massive Safe Space for Children and Teenagers

Every year, Skåne Stadsmission in Malmö meets and support people living in exposure and poverty. They work tirelessly to prevent segregation, social marginalization and to strengthen individuals to take control of their own lives.

Since 2019, Massive has collaborated with Skåne Stadsmission to support them in their vital work. It’s been a heartwarming collaboration, and has involved financial donations, annual clothing donations, a Christmas gift collection, Massive employees volunteering during the pandemic – to name only a few of our activities.

Most recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming families from Stadsmissionen’s project Unga Forum, to Massive for an unforgettable Holiday event. In their everyday work, Unga Forum is focused on supporting children and teenagers living in social exposure, providing them with a safe space when the world they exist in feels uncertain and harsh.

The event was enabled by the generosity of our co-workers, who could choose to donate their annual holiday gift to charity. Thanks to the donations and with the help from Massive volunteers, who helped during the day, we could open our doors to 41 children and their families during a cold and rainy December afternoon last year.

With the ambition to give the children and their parents a memorable experience, we prepared several activities, food and fika in our Forum, the common area at Massive.

If we can give these children and their parents something to look back on with joy, while giving them a safe space, even just for one day, then we have succeeded.

Upon arrival, the children were welcomed by Santa Claus, who treated them with a sweet and a warm hug, and after enjoying a warm and filling meal from our friends at Yalla Trappan, the children were eager to engage in the different activities. Some got colorful face paintings drawn by our creative volunteers, some decorated gingerbread, made Christmas ornaments, played table tennis, pool, or danced to Just Dance 2023.

To refill energy levels, a well-deserved fika break was needed in between the different adventures. Luckily, there were plenty of delicious lussekatter and gingerbread cookies to indulge in. And if that was not enough, there was a huge basket of fruit, filled with apples, bananas, and pears for the children to enjoy.

Time flies when you are having fun, and eventually it was time to say goodbye. But before our guests left, each family received a gift card for the supermarket Willys, and the children were given a goodie bag filled with toys and filling snacks.

“Engaging in activities like these is a way for us to take responsibility for our local community.” says Camilla Carsten, Event Manager at Massive Entertainment. “We work with Stadsmissionen since we know what a huge difference their work makes to the everyday lives of people”.

During our holiday event, eleven of Santa’s Massive helpers helped make the afternoon a success, assisting in everything from serving food, acting as Santa, drawing face paintings, leading the way in Just Dance, and much more.

“One of the core pillars in our CSR work is ‘involve to impact’. By providing ways for our co-workers to get involved, we want to create meaningful interactions and social exchanges, which we hope are valuable to everyone involved”, Karolina Lundin CSR & Communication Manager at Massive Entertainment says.

“If we can give these children and their parents something to look back on with joy, while giving them a safe space, even just for one day, then we have succeeded. We hope we can inspire others to do the same”.

Later this spring, we will once again open our doors for a similar event. We cannot wait.

Due to GDPR and to respect the integrity of our guests, we cannot share any photos from the actual event.

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