A Massive stand for gender equality


How can we work together to create better gender equality – not only in the workplace but also in the technology industry as a whole?

At Massive, we actively work for diversity and gender equality, and we support a number of initiatives. In this article, we talk about our collaboration with the non-profit organization Pink Programming and a brand new (and exciting!) initiative with the regional county board!

Diversity matters.

Diversity enriches both our teams and our games, and without diversity, we will never be able to make the best games possible. At Massive, we work with diversity in the broad sense of the word, and one specific part of that work is gender equality.

In our work for better gender equality, we have teamed up with the non-profit organization Pink Programming.

At its core, Pink Programming aims to inspire women and non-binary people to learn to code.

They arrange camps and courses for women and non-binary people who are interested in coding, and offer a safe environment where like-minded people can come together and learn.

Last week, we hosted our second workshop – which was fully booked within three minutes!

to Inspire and educate

For us, this is not only an opportunity to inspire (and educate) women and non-binary people to find their love for coding, but also for us to be inspired by their curiosity and interest.

With an engaging workshop in game design and an inspirational talk about emotions in games, 50 women and non-binary people spent the day in our Massive kitchen with their laptops, some new friends, and an uncountable amount of coffee!

As the day progressed, many participants grouped together to solve the workshop challenges as a team, and many left our studio with newfound friends. But, most importantly, they left with new knowledge and a better understanding of game development.

A new Massive equality initiative

We can now also announce that Massive has joined the regional county board’s initiative “An Equal Skåne”. Together with 70 other companies in the region, Massive will now work to fulfill the national equality goals for the region.

This is a way for us to take responsibility and show the world what we believe in. Or, as our Managing Director David Polfeldt puts it:

“We want to be clear about where we stand in an area in which everyone with power should be clear.”

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