Massive Joins Malmö Works to Create a Better City Environment


How can we contribute to a greener and healthier city? And how can we make it easier for everyone to travel with sustainability in mind? 

We’re now proud to announce that Massive is one of the pilot companies in Malmö Works – a company initiative with the goal to enable more sustainable travel options to and from work in Malmö and reduce the amount of car trips in the city!

Malmö Works is a company initiative that works for a greener and healthier Malmö by encouraging and enabling fewer car trips to and from work.

We’re now proud to announce that Massive is one of nine companies piloting this initiative, and we’re excited to take our local sustainable travel engagement to the next level.

Together with the participating companies, Malmö Works has created a digital toolbox, which will contain tips and tricks on how to decrease the amount of car trips in the city, encouraging walking, biking, or commuting to and from work as much as possible.

The initiative also plans to host so called “change forums” with other stakeholders in the city, to discuss how we can enable sustainable travels to and from work in Malmö.

We at Massive are already doing well when it comes to sustainable travels. Our latest mobility survey showed that 95% traveled to and from work by other means than car, which is very impressive!

Now, we want to do even better, and in the coming months we – together with Malmö Works and the other participating companies – will work to enable more people to use other means of transportation.

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