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Today, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide, and we’re proud that Massive Entertainment is gearing up to make our studio more environmentally sustainable during 2021. Through activities and new processes, our aim is to raise awareness and reducing our carbon footprint. In this article, we share examples of what our Operations teams are already doing to contribute to this vital matter.

It’s been a year since we moved to our office Eden, and we’ve written about the great initiatives we’ve taken to make our office as sustainable as possible. But the building itself is only one part of the puzzle – every day our teams at Massive are working to reduce our carbon footprint through different solutions and sustainable ideas.

For the Procurement team at Massive, commitment to social and environmental responsibility is the backbone of their daily work. Before new suppliers are signed, they undergo a thorough CSR-analysis to ensure they contribute to social or environmental welfare, but also ensuring that their business is ethical and legitimate in every way.


“It is important for us to do business with trust and integrity, which means we take an active role in addressing social and environmental issues to be part of the solution to global challenges,” says Josefin Enertz, Procurement Coordinator. “Everyone has their own way of giving back, and we try our best to inspire our partners to take responsibility!”

For example, our electricity supplier is chosen to provide us with 100% renewable energy. Thanks to a program conducted by our coffee supplier, we give back to the coffee growers in Rwanda every time we have a cup of coffee, and our cleaning company are carefully coordinating their schedule to reduce unnecessary transportation, while only using environmentally certified products in their work.

Another vital milestone contributing to reduced emissions, while enabling a more efficient workflow, is the digitalization of paperwork. Since February, the Finance team at Massive is using a robotic solution, which replaces all our physical invoices with PDFs and archives them digitally. This process saves not only time and space, but most importantly between 8.000 to 10.000 paper sheets every year, which in turn contributes to decreased deforestation.


Last but not least, our Office team is always looking to implement new sustainable solutions at Eden. Besides a substantial recycling program, comprising all our waste and most of our IT equipment, we work to minimize our daily electricity consumption. For example, the office is illuminated thanks to motion sensor LED lights, and a timer ensures that the ventilation system is only active during our core work hours. Furthermore, most windows in Eden are dressed in UV reflective sun film, which helps keep the office cold during warm summer days, consequently enabling a lessened usage of the AC system.

Our rooftop garden is not only a green oasis, but also helps purifying the air while regulating our indoor temperature and encouraging biodiversity in the city center.

These are some examples of what is done today, and many more projects and initiatives are in the pipeline. Keep an eye open to learn more about what green activities the future holds at Massive!

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