A Massive Future Session

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Every six months, the entire Massive family comes together for our Future Session – a full afternoon of exciting updates from all our different projects. Not only is this a great way for everyone inside the studio to stay updated, but it also serves as great inspiration and motivation for our continuous innovation!

In this article, we talk more about the concept of Future Session and why it’s so important for us as a studio. 

Future Session has always been – and still is – a way to inspire and to be inspired by what the future holds for us as a game studio. It’s a place where the Massive family can come together to share our motivation and pride in what we do in our daily work.

In short, it’s our internal conference where we gather to celebrate all the amazing craftsmanship in our studio.

The concept has been around since 2004, and has grown from a small gathering with simple presentations into a massive production which takes up to six months of planning and preparations.

As Massive has grown, so has Future Session. Going from an audience of 35 people, we now gather over 650 colleagues in one of Malmö’s major landmarks – Malmö Live and their concert hall.

Future Session is the perfect opportunity to still our curiosity, and learn more about what’s going on in our colleagues’ teams and projects.

But it’s also an opportunity to gain insights into our future goals and dreams, which hopefully inspires courage in all of us to push the limits of what we do to become even better at our different crafts.

We are all experts in what we do, but seeing the whole picture and understanding others’ dreams and goals enables us to grow – both professionally and personally.

Our industry is fast-paced, and sometimes we need to stop, take a step back, and look at all the incredible things we are creating. But it’s equally important to keep moving and keep looking ahead, towards our future. Future Session represents all of this, and plays a vital in our goal to craft the finest gaming experiences on the planet.

Without knowledge, insights, and understanding of the conditions that make our daily work possible, we will never be able to push our limits or fulfill our dreams.

Future Session is a way for everyone at Massive to stay on top of the game and keep all of our dreams alive – for an amazing Massive future.

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