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What is actually going on behind the screens at Massive? And what is it actually like working in a game studio? In our vlog series, we hope to answer those specific questions, and at the same time share the inspiring stories from our friends and colleagues. 

In this article, Filip Avodin, Junior Communications Coordinator and the face of the Massive Vlog, shares the story about how the vlog came to be and where it’s taking us in the future.

Massive is a place with a deep love for telling and sharing stories – from our games and franchises to our studio and the people who are a part of our Massive family.

When I started my internship at the Communications team at Massive five months ago, I never thought my love for video and YouTube would result in a brand new initiative for the studio, but here we are, with a Massive Vlog to tell even more of our stories!

Our Massive Vlog is a way for us to share compelling and previously untold stories from the talented people in our studio. It’s a way for us to show what’s going on behind the scenes as told by the people who make it happen, where it happens.

For me, being a part of this initiative is amazing, as it gives me the opportunity to take everyone who’s not physically in our studio on a journey to see how it is to work here, what we are up to, and why we do things the way we do it.

The plan is to show not only the talent we have in the studio, but also our projects and the fun happenings that go on after work-hours. The first Massive Vlog was all about the Avatar team’s move to their new second office East of Eden, and in another one I followed another intern for a day to show what it’s like to intern at the studio!

We have some really exciting things lined up for our Vlog series – from showing what we do behind the scenes to what our different studio communities are up to. Our goal is to tell stories that you might not otherwise have heard, in a way that makes you feel like you’re right here with us.

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