Massive Collaborator Launching Math App for Children

In 2019, Massive Entertainment and local start-up company Akribian started an important collaboration. Back then, Akribian was called EdTech, and were in the early stages of developing an app to help children to learn math in a fun way. Fast forward to 2021, and Count on Me! is launching in Sweden and the UK.

Throughout the development of Count on Me!, Akribian have become regular visitors of Massive’s Games Lab, where the reactions of groups of children trying different versions of the app have been examined. The findings allowed Akribian to determine what experiences encouraged children to keep playing and solve the game’s mathematical challenges.

Henrik Rosvall and Martin Hassler Hallstedt, founders of Akribian

Those insights, in combination with the latest research in learning psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and significant research conducted by Akribian’ s co-founder and CEO Martin Hassler Hallstedt, has resulted in Count on Me!. Amongst other things, Martin’s research shows that children between the ages of 6-9 who plays the game for at least 15 minutes each day increase their mathematical skills by up to 60%.

Our collaboration with Massive means a lot to us. It gives us a chance to study reactions and experiences the children have of the game.

In Count on Me!, the players progress through the game by mastering important mathematical skills, eventually becoming the hero of the game, and bringing back the lost math-magic to the land of Numberia.

For us at Massive, we are proud to contribute to creating a better mathematical understanding for future mathematicians, engineers and video game developers. Our collaboration with Akribian is part of our long-term strategy to support diversity and inclusion in the industry.
Count on Me! is available through App Store and Google Play in Sweden. For more information, visit Akribian’s website.

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