Our Top Massive Moments of 2019

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What a year it’s been! It’s time to look ahead to an exciting 2020 – but not without taking a moment to remember all the amazing things that happened the past year. Happy holidays from all of us, and see you next year! 

In September, we reached a studio milestone: 50% expats from 50 different nationalities! We are proud to have such a diverse and inclusive Massive family, and the milestone called for celebration and some new pins on our employee map.


Getting ready for Eden

The countdown is on: in April 2020 we are moving to our new office building Eden, located in the dynamic and diverse area of Möllan! The past year, we’ve shared pictures and videos to invite you all to see what’s actually going on at the construction site, and we can’t wait to show you the finished result in 2020!


Introducing the Griffin

In February, we introduced our new Anniversary Griffins to celebrate our amazing colleagues and friends for working 5-, 10-, and 20 years at Massive! Designed by some of our Massive colleagues, the Griffins now stand proud on many desks in our studio – and there are more to come in 2020!


Inspiring women and non-binary people to code

At its core, Pink Programming aims to inspire women and non-binary people to learn to code. But for us at Massive, it’s not only an opportunity to inspire women and non-binary people to find their love for coding, but also for us to be inspired by their curiosity and interest!

2019 saw no less than two Pink Programming Sundays at our studio, and we are always proud to open our doors for these workshops!


Releasing Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

We couldn’t make this list without the biggest highlight of the year – the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 in March!
It had everything: a big red button, Tommy the Teddy Bear keychains, cake, and bubbles.
Developed on our top-class engine Snowdrop and distributed on Uplay (to name one), it was an amazing time for our studio to come together to celebrate.

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And The epic release party that followed

Talking about highlights, The Division 2’s release party was truly a night to remember.

The venue was an old hangar turned urban art gallery, decorated to look like one of the settlements in The Division 2. Complete with vegetable patches, food trucks, containers, and water tanks, it was like stepping into the game itself!

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Walking with Massive Pride

For the second year in a row, friends and colleagues from Massive walked with pride in the Malmö Pride Parade in July as a statement about our belief in equal value, rights, and opportunities for everyone! It was a day filled with love, glitter, and dancing – a true celebration of everything we stand for.

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Getting spooky at Halloween

One of the most fun and innovative days at Massive is our annual Halloween Costume Contest, and this year we really knocked it out of the park. A human-sized Tetris, Women in Black, and Cards against Humanity (or, as they wanted to be called, Finance against Humanity) was some of this year’s contestants.


Working for a better city environment

In January, we announced our participation in Malmö Works – a company initiative with the aim to promote carless travels to and from work for a greener Malmö. In May, we hosted our very first Bike Day with workshops on how to repair your bike, lectures about Swedish biking rules, and the opportunity to “pimp your bike”! All with the aim to inspire our friends and colleagues to travel to and from work more sustainably. And even though we are already doing great in this area, we strive to do even better in the future.

Spending time with our Massive family

No year would be complete without all our amazing parties, fikas, and gatherings. This year, the Massive family came together for events like E3, salsa lessons at the summer party, Future Session, and – of course – kanelbullens dag (cinnamon bun day), to name a few!


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