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Meet our employees

  • Helene Axelsson Learning & Development Specialist
  • Drew Rechner Lead AI Designer
  • Linda Malmgren Communications Director
  • Robert Bantin Expert Audio Programmer
  • Camille Giesenfeld Senior Consumer & Market Research Analyst
  • Ella Hellberg Content Specialist
  • Miriam Popescu Game Designer
  • Mikkel Colbe Nielsen Games Lab Coordinator
  • Ali Helmy Senior Animation Programmer
  • Beatrice Harty Character Artist
  • Sven Rademarkers Programmer
  • Olof Naessén Technical Director
  • Kim Seefried Project Coordinator

What is it like working at Massive?

Our studio is a creative and devoted workplace. It’s full of dedicated game developers, game designers, programmers, and character artists (to name a few of our job roles!). What we all have in common is that we enjoy what we do and that we do everything with drive and enthusiasm. We are a diverse group of people that firmly believe in equality – regardless of religion, gender, nationality or background.

Curiosity is key in crafting the best games experience possible. We encourage you to take risks and to have the courage to challenge not only yourself in what you do, but also the ways we do things in the studio.

We want to hear your opinions. As part of the Massive family, you are encouraged to make your voice heard regardless of your position or how long you’ve been at the studio.

Get to know us

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Our core values


We are inclusive, friendly, and treat each other fairly. We protect, support, and challenge each other to grow. We believe in diversity. We are a team that collaborates and builds bridges beyond the studio to include our global family.


We dare to take action. We are open-minded and explore to improve. We are ambitious and willing to fail, make mistakes and learn from them. We challenge assumptions, put trust in others, and confront our own fears.


We always put the satisfaction of the user first and we understand the purpose and context of our craft. We strive for the highest possible quality in everything we do, no matter what our role in the studio is. We are proud of our work and know when it is done.


Responsibility is about keeping promises and communicating when you can’t. We are honest with ourselves and with others, and are able to give and receive constructive feedback. We are accountable for our actions and ask rather than assume.

A Massive Vlog

What is going on behind the screens at Massive?

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Your job perks


We offer 25 days of paid vacation every year, on top of the Swedish National Holidays. We also close the studio between Christmas and New Year.


We set you up with some of the best Ubisoft titles on PC and keep growing your collection with every new release.

Swedish classes

We want you to feel at home in Sweden. Although Massive is an international and English-speaking workplace, Swedish is really great for meeting people, learning the culture, and building your confidence.

Breakfast & fruit

Breakfast is served to all employees every morning in our cafeteria (including vegan & gluten free options), giving you a pleasant start to the day.

Private pension plan

We make sure you can be secure about your future, so we give you a private pension plan from day one of your employment.

Medical insurance

Our private medical insurance gives you easier and faster access to all forms of healthcare needs.

Subsidized gym/training

We provide preventative health care by offering all our employees a yearly allowance to use for massage or sports. We also offer one wellness hour per week, inhouse gym classes, massage services and more.


Every once in a while, we throw a party or go to the cinema to get to know each other. We also arrange family days, after works and viewing parties. There’s always something happening around the corner, or local discounts to discover in Malmö.

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Ubisoft Entertainment Sweden AB
Box 4297, 203 14 Malmö, SE


Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio
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