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Are you graduating in UX Design, Project Management, AI/Gameplay and Online Programming or related subjects and have less than 1 year experience in those fields outside of school (internships not included)? Then you are eligible to apply for the Ubisoft Graduate Program, available in more than 20 locations worldwide, in order to fast track your career in game development with the help of some of the industry’s top talent.

“The Ubisoft Graduate Program is a program for new graduates who are interested to kick off their careers in the video game industry,” Helen Jönsson, People Manager at Massive Entertainment, says. “It’s a two-year program, focused on giving graduates a global network, training sessions and mentorship in their area of expertise.”

Helen Jönsson, People Manager

Project Assistant Fanny Skogqvist saw the Graduate Program as an opportunity to create a solid foundation to build her future career on. “I sought the opportunity to work in an international setting with a complex technical product like Snowdrop, while still being connected to a creative mission,” she says. “And what could be more creative than creating games?”

Fanny Skogqvist, Project Assistant

Graduates coming to Massive usually work with project facilitation, communication between team members and supporting them to create successful projects. On top of those responsibilities, Graduates are also getting support from mentors, having regular workshops and meetings with both other people in the program and professionals within Ubisoft to receive training. All with an emphasis on their personal development.

“We believe the program and the participant brings new perspective and ideas to our studio and that it’s a huge strength to have different level of seniority and experience in our teams,” Helen says.

It’s a huge strength to have different level of seniority and experience in our teams.

Applying for the program included a lot of open discussions and matchmaking sessions. “I got the impression that they wanted to find not just the best candidate for the role, but also to make sure that it was the best position for me,” Fanny tells us. “This made me feel really valued and that it is a long-term commitment from Ubisoft beyond just the two years of the Graduate Program.”

Once she had been accepted into the program, Eunice went to Ubisoft HQ in Paris together with a group of other graduates. “This group was made up of individuals from across different job families within Ubisoft,” she says, “and we spent some time together with teams like the Strategic Innovation Lab, to learn about what they were up to. It was interesting to learn about other job families, as well as the projects that were going on at the other Ubisoft studios.”

Eunice Wang, Project Coordinator

“I learnt everything that I know today from the people who were around me – my team, leads, and fellow production team members,” Eunice says, looking back at her time with Ubisoft. “It’s been quite an eye-opening experience working alongside these talented individuals.”

“There have been a lot of things to learn and there is always a new challenge to face,” Fanny says. “Although, the best thing is definitely the people around me. I felt from the start that you could always ask anyone, everyone here at Massive have been super helpful and welcoming. This has been especially valuable for me as a newcomer to both the studio and the city.”

I learnt everything that I know today from the people who were around me.

So how do you prepare for your application to the Ubisoft Graduate Program?

“Like any job application, remember to read up about what you are applying for and understand the type of work you are setting yourself up for,” Eunice tells us when asked about any tips for applicants. “Understand the role and let the team know why you believe you would make a good fit. Also know why you want to be in the program – knowing why you are there will equip you with a better frame of mind during the interview.”

If you are interested in learning more about the program, you can read more about Ubisoft Graduate Program on its official website.

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