The beginning of something new

Located in beautiful Östermalm, central Stockholm, the studio is close to communications as well as the pulse of the city. Everything you need is at our doorstep. Being newly established, the studio will organically grow and develop into something unique with the help of everyone who embarks on this journey with us. We work closely with Massive Entertainment in Malmö, sharing resources and technology in order to provide excellent conditions for making AAA-games.

Ubisoft Stockholm - A word from Patrick

My vision is to create a workplace where the best game developers in the world can
come together in stimulating and creative surroundings, to build unique and amazing
experiences, while pushing the industry forward.

Patrick Bach
The Avatar Project

Avatar project

In early 2017, Ubisoft announced that Massive Entertainment in Malmö is embarking on an amazing journey to the world of Pandora, as the studio was chosen to develop a new game based on the prominent Avatar film franchise.

Ubisoft Stockholm are co-developers on this cutting-edge game for consoles and PC. We want you to be part of this journey!

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Ubisoft Stockholm - Living in Stockholm

Living in Stockholm

Stockholm has been ranked a top tech hub in Europe due to its high proportion of employees with technical expertise. But Stockholm has much more to offer. It is a place where modernity meets history, where dynamic city life lives side by side with beautiful nature.

Living in Stockholm

Life in the capital of creativity

Ubisoft Stockholm - A blend of city and nature

A blend of city and nature

Stockholm enjoys a rich mix of culture, food and attractions. The city is surrounded by both water and nature reserves, making it easy to find a quiet forest or a small island retreat for the day.

Ubisoft Stockholm - Young & Living

Young and living

Stockholm is home to a variety of museums, peaceful parks and some of the best food and nightlife in Stockholm. There’s always something to do in this vibrant city.

Ubisoft Stockholm - Creative scene

Creative scene

In addition to being one of the world’s leading technology hubs, Stockholm is filled with creative people from all over the world who add their unique blend of talents to every aspect of the city.

Ubisoft Stockholm - Life quality

Life quality

People of Stockholm enjoy a high quality of life with many opportunities. The city is multicultural and places high emphasis on equality and a solid balance between work and personal life.