Job position

World Director

Avatar Project, Creative Direction, Malmö

Job Description

Here at Massive, we are building an original AAA game set in the world of James Cameron’s Avatar. We are excited to allow players to explore Pandora on their own, and we are looking for a World Director to oversee the creation of the beautiful and dangerous moon of Pandora.


As a World Director, you are in charge of creating the world of Pandora. The physical shape, the composition and density of objects, activities, NPCs, etc. all combine into the game experience. As the World Director, you will work closely with the Game Director to ensure that the resulting world synergizes with the Creative Directors vision, and that all components are placed in a way that combines into an engaging and balanced experience.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.

Other responsibilities


  • Conceive, evangelize, and oversee rules and metrics for all gameplay spaces, including density, time-between-action, etc

  • Make sure that the world and all the gameplay spaces work flawlessly both in co-op and SP.

  • Work closely with the Technical Director to make sure that the tools and pipeline for world creation is efficient, agile, and fun

  • Work closely with the Art Director to make sure that the visuals of the world serve the gameplay, IP art direction pillars, and generally fulfill the promise of beautiful and dangerous world

  • Work closely with the Mission Director to make sure that quests are placed and initiated in an optimal way, and that the spaces and placement of things in the world serve the intended mission experience

  • Work closely with the World Producer to define, plan, prioritize and execute on the content and work needed to execute the World Direction


You as a person

You have always been fascinated by virtual worlds and their possibility to create any type of experience for the player. You have worked in or around a level editor for more than a decade, and you are constantly thinking about how you can push the envelope of world and level design when it comes to immersion and fun. Over the years you’ve come to understand and respect the unique role that world and level design has: You and your team are the “voice” of all other departments (art, systems design, animation, etc.) since you take all the components and assemble them into the final world in which the players have their experiences. This unique role requires humility, attentiveness, service mindedness, and quite a bit of patience.


  •  Impeccable English, both written and oral
  • A positive, communicative, self-driven team player who enthuses and informs people both up and down the food chain

  • Extensive knowledge about level and world design principles across most AAA genres

  • >10 years’ experience making video games

  • >8 years’ experience as a level designer, open world designer, quest or mission designer.

  • At least one shipped Open World game in a senior or lead position

  • At least one shipped AAA game in a Lead Level Designer, Lead Open World Designer or similar position

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