Job position

UX Designer

Avatar Project, Game Design, Malmö

Job Description

As a UX Designer at Massive Entertainment you’ll be tasked with developing an immersive player experience on James Cameron’s world of Pandora for our Avatar video-game. This means applying design thinking to come up with delightful solutions that hook and engage players from the get go. Think Gamification Principles, Usability Heuristics and Gestalt Theory. Your knowledge in the field of UX and games transfers into clear passion and drive for taking initiative to find creative solutions to complex problems.

You’ll work in close collaboration with specialized task forces made up of UI Artists, Tech Artists, Programmers and Senior Game Designers, whilst receiving feedback, guidance and mentorship from a Lead UX Designer.

  • Advise and work closely with game designers to determine the best controls and inputs to support game features for a fluid and consistent player experience;
  • Design logic, layout and flow of the games user interface (UI) based on information architecture and accessibility principles;
  • Create iterative user-centered prototypes in our Snowdrop Game Engine;
  • Ensure experimental consistency and quality across all platforms and features.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


All applicants are required to share a strong portfolio, ideally you have examples of an organic nature – remembering Pandora, "It's kinda the Garden of Eden with teeth and claws" James Cameron.

You enjoy working collaboratively in a team, troubleshooting processes together through creative brainstorms. You take responsibility for driving features forward and ensure the highest possible quality is achieved. The high quality bar also shines through when you've previously experienced how a poorly designed UI interface can completely break the otherwise immersive (game) features. 

  • Several years proven work experience within UX Design;
  • Experience with problem solving and analytical troubleshooting;
  • Solid understanding in design principles (e.g. info hierarchy, layout, typography, color);
  • Awareness of current trends in visual communication is essential;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Creative and forward thinking;

Advantageous Experience

  • Experience with Video Game production pipelines, design tool-sets and game engines (e.g. UNREAL);
  • Familiarity with management software (such as Perforce and Jira);
  • Knowledge of 3D UI solutions is a bonus.

Please note that applications without a portfolio will not be considered

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