Job position

User Research Intern

Uplay, Consumer & Market Intelligence, Malmö

Job Description

At Massive Entertainment we are looking for a couple of User Research Interns to be a part of our data driven development in one of two different projects; Uplay and GamesLab.

An internship at Massive Entertainment will expose you to a wealth of knowledge from all aspects of user research, both qualitative and quantitative, and will give you direct, hands-on experience with very granular, large datasets. We will provide you with a meaningful experience along with the support, tools and resources in order to be successful.

All the internships are unpaid, based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.

You as a person
The ideal candidate is communicative, and fluent in English, and enjoy working both independently and in a team. You are a sociable person that like providing support to your team and colleagues. Furthermore, you have a self-starter mindset and a proactive attitude. You thrive in an active work environment that is in constant motion, and your good analytical skills together with structural ability allows you to efficiently come up with accurate conclusions. 

What you will learn @Uplay

  • Basic understanding of all specialties within Game User Research
  • How to test usability and appreciation of various games and products.
  • How usability and accessibility function in video games
  • What needs and wants underpin the players’ experience of video games
  • And much more…

Desired experience

  • Passion for Gaming and User and Customer Experience
  • Knowledge of PC from both a gaming and technical perspective
  • Experience with Video Editing and Graphics Design is a plus
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree (ongoing)

What you will learn @GamesLab

  • Getting an insight into and develop competencies and skills within all specialties related to user research and analytics:
    • Querying data to answer specific design questions
    • Correlating qualitative and quantitative insights
    • Formulate hypotheses, analyzing data and deriving conclusions
    • Create reports for different stakeholders
  • How to work within a multidisciplinary team with different stakeholders inside a global team to derive meaningful and impactful insights
  • How to interpret player behavior to infer motivations

Desired experience

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree (ongoing) within data science, experimental psychology, user research, HCI or data analytics
  • Basic understanding of player behavior, including an ability for writing and editing reports
  • Knowledge of statistics and databases 
  • Interest and passion for video games is a plus


To be eligible to apply for an internship with us, you need to be a student. Please attach your CV, and potential references as well as a document stating the following:
⦁      Name
⦁      Study program and school
⦁      Years in school (bachelor/vocational/masters)
⦁      Length of internship and date
⦁      Insurance by school when doing the internship (yes/no)
⦁      Country of residence