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Technical Animator

Snowdrop, Animation, Malmö

Job Description

The Snowdrop Team is hiring!

We have a dedicated team of experienced developers, focusing on engine sharing and collaboration between Ubisoft studios around the world. Some of the areas we work on are tech sharing, engine improvements, reduction of technical debt, documentation and training.

We are looking for senior and strong intermediate Technical Animators to maintain, develop and support the various areas of and around our in-house Snowdrop engine: Animation, Rigging and Skinning, DCC tools, Engine Animation systems, Automation, Training of Individuals and entire projects, Deployment, Debugging and many other areas. Please specify which areas of Tech Animation you are most interested in when you apply.

This is a rare opportunity to work and develop with teams around the world, and to support them in their usage of your specialist area tech and tools in Snowdrop.

In this position, you will advise on new development, review tools and workflows, put a focus on creating shareable and reusable solutions for many projects. As a Snowdrop Technical Animator, you will be part of a friendly team developing and maintaining a variety of systems and tools. You will be expected to work in close collaboration with other technical artists, content creators, programmers, designers and testers to craft high quality, scalable solutions that bring Snowdrop and its various titles to an even higher standard.

This is a permanent position based in Malmo, Sweden, and requires working onsite. We kindly ask you to apply with your CV and message to the hiring manager/cover letter in English. Applications will be reviewed whilst the job-ad is posted.


  • Working in the Snowdrop Engine to setup animation systems
  • Building, reviewing and improving tools in Maya, MotionBuilder and other tools used by animators on game and cinematic teams
  • Designing, implementing, and iterating on new and existing systems and tools
  • Developing Snowdrop as a shared and complex ecosystem for videogames creation
  • Contributing to long term strategy for Snowdrop development
  • Supporting multiple teams around the world with knowledge and practical help
  • Working towards improving documentation and samples
  • Developing and maintaining a wide range of tech and tools shared through Snowdrop in your area of expertise


You as a person
You have a passion for creating games and an eye for long-term tech development. You will be part of a team of technical content creators, documentation specialists and programmers where quality and attention to detail is highly valued. This is a perfect position if you see yourself as creative, hard-working, result oriented and cooperative. You have great problem solving skills and an ability to predict task duration and understand dependencies, you are interested in learning new systems and good at debugging. To succeed in this position you are a strong communicator and easily get your point across.

Besides the above we’re looking for someone with experiences within the following areas:

  • 3+ years of experience in animation or technical animation in the video game industry, preferably in 3D games
  • Good understanding of pipelines in your area of expertise from beginning to end
  • Good understanding of cutting edge techniques in your specialist area
  • Experience working with different engines and dcc applications
  • Knowledgeable in at least one scripting language (Python, C#, MEL, etc.)
  • Tools, workflow and engine development insight

Good to know 
As we aim to build a team who continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible within game development (and because we love to learn and grow from the people around us), we might ask you to do a practical test as a part of the recruitment process. 
We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you. In the meantime, why not take a look at the videos posted below.

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