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Senior Writer

Star Wars Project, Game & Level Design, Malmö

Job Description

We’re collaborating with Disney and Lucasfilm Games on a new story-driven open-world video game set in the beloved Star Wars galaxy. This is a lore we love and want to do justice with a game and story that bring both new and lifelong fans on an immersive and outstanding journey that will stay with them for years.

As a Senior Writer at Massive, you'll work directly with the Lead Writer, the Lore Coordinator, and the entire Narrative team to help create a cohesive and compelling narrative experience for our latest Project. 

This is a permanent position based in Malmö Sweden and requires working onsite. We kindly ask you to apply with your CV and message to the hiring manager/cover letter in English. Applications will be reviewed whilst the job-ad is posted.


  • Writing compelling item and quest log descriptions that expand the lore 
  • Researching and writing narrative elements to anchor a reality-based narrative within an existing IP
  • Writing both scripted and systemic dialogue
  • Developing character arcs and story beats through dialogue and other narrative elements
  • Revising and editing dialogue to ensure quality and consistency
  • Providing feedback on dialogue and the story
  • Collaborating with relevant internal teams, such as narrative design, audio, animation, level design, and AI
  • Mentoring more junior colleagues


You’ve a love for interactive storytelling and a background in games, film, TV, or theater. Your deep knowledge of writing compelling stories in close collaboration with other disciplines makes you a natural at creating immersive worlds, full of lore, and exciting adventures. Your creativity knows no limits, but you also understand the value of a good brief, meeting deadlines, and know constructive feedback, both when you give and receive it in a dynamic and flexible environment.

Besides the above we’re looking for someone aligned with our core values and the following skills and experience:

  • A relevant portfolio is required
    (2-3 writing samples that showcase your strongest work, and a longer/screenplay sample with ~10 pages or less. See our portfolio tips here)
  • Proven experience crafting and developing stories, writing dialogue and various other content from concept to completion within a large production
    (Ideally large scale stories and/or key quest or mission content for AAA games)
  • Experience working in a writers' room or another collaborative environment
  • Ability to follow an established style guide and rules of usage
  • Ability to communicate complex narrative ideas to stakeholders from other disciplines
  • Experience with a non-linear narrative structure is preferred
  • Strong copy-editing skills are preferred.

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