Job position

Quest Designer

Avatar Project, Narration and Realization, Malmö

Job Description

At Massive, we’re exploring the outer edge of what a game world can do, and we’re building a team of Quest Designers of all experience levels to help bring our worlds to life. We’re looking for people who bring a
broad set of skills, experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, and talents to craft our worlds and connect the player to the stories and characters within them. We work best with storytellers who can be comfortable in a hybrid role as both designer and writer, working hands-on with the team to shepherd their own
stories from inception to gameplay.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


  • Understand the elements of gameplay and consider how they might affect the development of  history and allow some adjustments
  • Using our internal tools to design, write and implement narrative gameplay content.
  • Crafting narrative structure, script gameplay and write dialogue to support your intentions.
  • Collaborating with system design, art, and tech to bring our worlds and your stories to life.
  • Participating in the development of tools and technology to improve our narrative workflow.
  • Supporting other writing, design, narrative, and lore needs of the game, as needed or directed.
  • Supporting narrative and design needs of other departments, as required or directed.

You as a person
A combination of storyteller and designer, perhaps stronger in one or the other, but comfortable with both. You have an interest and passion for interactive storytelling, and have (or want to gain) the practical skills to bring interactive stories to life. You are multidisciplinary, agile, and excited by a role that will evolve and change in reaction to your skills and the needs of the project and team. You love learning and taking on challenges outside of your comfort zone. You approach creative work with collaboration in mind, embracing the talents of the team around you and providing them with your best work towards our shared goals.



  • 4+ years' experience developing game stories and content from concept to completion
  • Experience and understanding of storytelling and game design in the games industry
  • Impeccable English, both written and oral
  • Professional writing experience
  • Experience with professional game design tools (i.e. Unreal, Unity, Constriction Kit)
  • Experience with open world games or games with non-linear narrative structures is a bonus
  • Having been a part of developing large scale stories and/or key quest or mission content for AAA games is a bonus


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