Job position

Product Director

Snowdrop, Programming, Malmö

Job Description

NOTE! The position can be based in one of our Ubisoft studios in Dusseldorf (Germany), Annecy (France), Montreal (Canada) or Malmö (Sweden).

The Snowdrop Product Director works globally to define and drive the product development of the Snowdrop game development pipeline. The most important attribute of the Snowdrop Product Director is the ability to understand the end user of Snowdrop Pipeline, and to bring value to that end user.

This means defining the product vision and backlog in collaboration with all stakeholders, with an emphasis on the game development teams that use Snowdrop to make games. It includes accountability for the Snowdrop backlog, shared accountability for the Snowdrop product roadmap, as well as explaining and aligning the product goals with producers, architects, leads, developers, and finance department.

The Snowdrop Product Director reports to the Snowdrop Director and takes an active role in the core team and the operational running of the Snowdrop Team.

Objectives and responsibilities 

  • Accountable for creation and frequent updates of the Snowdrop product backlog
    o Collect and analyze necessary information to make data informed backlog decisions
            – End user interviews
            – Developer interviews
            – Competitor interviews
            – Balance user, developer, and business needs
            – Align with Ubisoft and Snowdrop strategy
    o Align product roadmap with game project roadmaps and with Snowdrop project management
    o Ensure that everyone in Ubisoft knows what Snowdrop is doing and where we are going
  • Oversee Snowdrop product lifecycle management
    o Including Community Module technology developed externally to the team
  • Accountable for Snowdrop product vision

  • Work with core team to formulate Snowdrop vision, strategy, objectives, and priorities

  • Create an environment where great ideas are heard, evaluated, and invested in
    o Create opportunities for all Snowdrop team members to think about and contribute to long term product strategy

  • Turn product vision into plans together with Snowdrop Technical Director, Technical Producer, Snowdrop Director, product owners, production team, architects and leads

  • Functional head of Snowdrop product owners

  • Ensure alignment with Product Directors of Anvil Pipeline, Scalar Pipeline, and Technology Group departments of Ubisoft Production Technology Team

  • Travelling will be expected for this role
    o With frequent trips to Massive Entertainment if not based out of ther



  • Solid experience of product leadership
  • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Exceptional verbal and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work well in a diverse group
  • Experience measuring outcomes of events to decide product effectiveness
  • Ability to show and explain business value
  • Positive and collaborative attitude when managing groups and overseeing initiatives
  • Demonstrated experience building product and examples of positive outcome

Desirable qualities

  • Demonstrable skill with agile method
    o Scrum product owner certification
  • Technical degree
  • A passion for computer games

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