Lead Narrative Designer

Narration and Realization, Stockholm

Job Description

You can have a great story to tell, but if the player doesn’t experience it, how will they know?

Solving this is the job of the Narrative Design Supervisor. With one foot in design and another in narrative, you will bridge the gap between story, systems, UX while being the champion for players in the story.

Working with the Narrative Director and in collaboration with the game design team, you will be responsible for overseeing the holistic design of narrative systems, implementation standards, tools used by the narrative group, pipelines for content and practical implementation of the story.


What you do:

  • Ensure the overall coherence between narrative goals, game design and player interaction with the story.
  • Translate narrative vision into systems and structures supporting the key emotions and game experience.
  • Define narrative situations, their content and how they fit into the game.
  • Adjust narrative systems and events to support the narrative and desired player experience.
  • Drive the narrative design in a cross-functional team to ensure targeted realization goals are integrated.


Who you are:

  • Game Designer with a track record of working on amazing game projects.
  • World builder with firm grasp of narrative, player agency within interactive narrative design.
  • Problem solver who is always open to exploring ideas, but also knows a good idea when you hear it.
  • Experienced collaborator, working with game designers and writers.
  • Manager who excels in a leadership position.