Job position

Lead Data Scientist

Live Operations, User Research, Malmö

Job Description

At Massive we believe in data-driven decision making and the use of highly granular behavioral data. No question is irrelevant, no stone left unturned, and thanks to your curiosity and expertise, you will probe, evaluate and improve potentially every step of the Consumer Experience. 

If understanding people through their actions is your thing, join the Consumer Experience group at Massive and you’ll be empowered to lead a team whose sole purpose is extracting subtle knowledge where others can only see noise. Your insights will contribute to the improvement of the experience for millions of players of our games and users of our services worldwide.  

The main challenge of your team will be to leverage data science and computational intelligence utilizing qualitative and quantitative insights both in-game and out-of-game across a large number of games and platforms. The purpose is to:

  • Obtain better understanding of the consumer journey;
  • Assess the performance of our communications;
  • Gain dynamic insights into both our players and the broader market;
  • Develop tools and models geared to personalize and improve the consumer experience. You’ll be part of opening a window into the future to empower key decision makers.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


  • Performing behavioral profiling and segmenting players based on gameplay data;
  • Build and maintain computational models to predict different player attributes (e.g. engagement, toxicity, player motivation);
  • Build and maintain recommendation systems beyond collaborative filtering;
  • Shape personalized systems to deliver individualized experiences and communications;
  • Perform Social Network Analysis to identify particularly interesting communities and hubs of players;
  • Extract data and correlate both qualitative and quantitative insights across different games, platforms and content;
  • Support several stakeholders with insights based on telemetry data;
  • Articulate and explain complex concepts to key decision makers in a way that makes them instantly actionable.

You as a personYou are driven, curious, focused on quality, autonomous, entrepreneurial, charismatic, inspirational, able to lead and inspire a team. You take initiative, proactively and thoroughly carry to completion the tasks that you identified. You have great communication skills and are able to argue for your choices in terms of priorities as well as methods. You are able to explain difficult concepts to relevant stakeholders that do not share your knowledge. Data analytics is your passion, so you keep updated with latest research, methods and findings and you share this knowledge with everyone around you. 



  • Proven work experience in Data Science and as a Lead;
  • Programming/scripting experience (preferably Python & R);
  • Proven knowledge of Machine Learning (preference learning, reinforcement learning, etc.), Supervised and Unsupervised learning; Database queries (SQL); Social Network Analysis;
  • Insights in adaptive algorithms and AI for data analysis;
  • Relevant degree with focus on data, ideally combined with computer science or game development or an interest in data, in a game development environment;
  • Drive, enthusiasm and insight into gaming and software development to be able to push our platform to the next level, by utilizing their analytical mind-set in collaboration with gaming experience.

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