Job position

Lead and Manager for Infrastructure Team

Uplay, IT Infrastructure & Operations, Malmö

Job Description

About Uplay

Uplay is Ubisoft’s PC digital distribution and engagement platform, where you can find all your PC games along with news, friends, the Ubisoft Club and many other features. Working at Uplay means working in a globally distributed team with people from all over the world, tackling unique challenges of being an always-online platform.

Team goals

The Infrastructure team is committed to delivering a resilient platform that is available and reliable for our multi-million user base. Currently we’re working on moving into the Cloud with the vision to provide a self-serve platform to enable our developers to work more efficiently with servers and databases.

Team lead

This role consists of two parts.

Firstly, you will be the direct manager to an experienced team, half of which is located at Massive and the rest working from other studios in Ubisoft. To lead this team, you need to be a hands-off manager that cares about your team members. You need to enable them to execute, by guiding and asking the right questions. You need to set clear expectations and expect excellence in return. You are responsible for the well-being and career evolution of your team members, ensuring the team gains the knowledge required to meet the needs of tomorrow. This includes performance and salary reviews, have one-on-ones to help your team in their day-to-day work and general well-being at their worksite.

As a lead, you are also part of the Production Leads group, which consists of other team leads and production management. This group works with improving the processes, organization and general direction of the whole Production team, as well as discuss HR-related topics such as performance evaluation, leadership, team building etc.


Secondly, you will work hands-on with the infrastructure performing tasks such as:

·         Patching servers

·         Managing server installation using Configuration management tools

·         Database maintenance

·         Infrastructure design discussions

·         Working with Cloud infrastructure providers and tools (Ansible, Terraform and similar)

You need to have an interest in staying up-to-date with technology and be very much involved in the day-to-day of running a live platform.


Our Infrastructure

Our current environment consists of both virtual and physical machines running both Linux and Windows that are hosted in internal datacenters and AWS.

We provide a mix of MSSQL, MySQL and NoSQL databases, both on virtual and physical machines.


Our daily work revolves around:

  •          Operating systems (Windows, Linux) 
  •          Hosting providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)
  •          Database systems (MSSQL, MySQL, NoSQL) 
  •          Configuration management and deployment automation tools (Jenkins, Chef)
  •          Network solutions and technology (DNS, DHCP, Firewall, Load Balancer, VPN, L2/L3 Routing) 
  •          Scripting languages (Python, PowerShell, Ruby) 
  •          Alert and monitoring systems (Zabbix, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana)
  •          Version Control (Git)


You have experience managing people, both seniors as well as junior. You are a communicative and positive person that likes to work close with others, solve tough problems and discuss the future.

Even if it’s not part of your daily work, you will still need to be capable of performing the majority of the technical tasks that your team performs. You need a strong technical background working with systems, automation and online infrastructure, while at the same time being able to translate this and communicate it to stakeholders who might not be as technically knowledgeable. You do not necessarily need to have experience in working with the exact same tools as we use, but we expect you to dig in and learn quickly.

You are a resourceful and creative person, resulting in taking initiatives to drive the team and project forward. To succeed in this role you need to welcome change, have technology capabilities combined with passion and high motivation. You like to collaborate and enjoy working in a distributed team filled with diversity.

Experience in both the technical and managerial fields are required for this position.


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