Job position

Intermediate/Senior Character Artist

Avatar Project, Art, Malmö

Job Description

We're looking for two passionate artists to join our Art Team for the recently announced Avatar game and help create the characters of Pandora, from the Na'vi's and human colonies to the wide range of creatures inhabiting the living world. Share your passion and skills for creating high quality character assets from inside out — high and low poly modeling, texturing and ultimately seeing your creation come to life in the game. Your experience and knowledge on techniques and workflows will be an important addition to our creative force as we strive to push the quality bar for real-time character art even higher.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.



  • Working closely with the character lead and concept team to conceptualize and create high quality characters and accessories based on original art and/or photographic reference
  • Collaborating with our shader tech team to create and apply textures and materials with aesthetic appreciation on real world references and in-game lighting while staying true to the game's narrative
  • Participate in the set up and maintenance of character production pipelines
  • Working within the engine to preview, iterate, optimize and polish models to a quality bar and visual direction as set by the Art Director
  • Collaborating with the animation tech team to help define modeling standards for rigging, deformation, and simulation within performance budgets, and other run-time requirement
  • Participate in setting a high quality standard across the team. This entails mentoring more junior level artists and off-site developers creating and aiding direction and feedback

You as a person
As an experienced character artist, you're currently looking for a new opportunity; you want an ambitious project and a team to help push your skills to the next level. 

Your passion for storytelling through character art shows in your craftsmanship, where you like to try out various ways of tackling challenging tasks. You are equally as eager to create aesthetically pleasing characters as you are interested in diving into the technical side of the process. All in pursuit of realizing a common creative goal.

You're keen on collaborating with concept artists, animators and tech art teams, among others, to make sure the narrative and lore of the world is reflected in the characters and creatures. Your skills as a team player also shows in the feedback driven production environment that encourages cross-team communication. You understand that collaborations through giving and receiving constructive feedback always produce superior results. 


  • At least 5+ years of experience working withcharacter art, with 1 or more published titles
  • A portfolio that showcases your most recent works complete with detailed breakdowns of your contributions (if from published title). Online portfolio is preferred
  • Proficiency in Zbrush and at least one of the major 3D modeling packages and texturing software
  • Up to date knowledge on the methods, software innovations and other technologies related to character creation
  • Eagerness to do research on the technical processes involved such as in shaders, rigs and rendering
  • Worked extensively with at least one game engine
  • Working knowledge of additional softwares such as Substance Painter and Marvelous Designer is a bonus
  • Experience working with scan data is beneficial

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