Job position

Game Security Analyst

Live Operations, IT Security, Malmö

Job Description

Working as a Game Security Analyst as a part of the Live Operations team, your primary focus on management and coordination with the Security & Risk Management department and the production teams in order to ensure the appropriate implementation of a Game Security Program through appropriate security tools and methods. 

You will be expected to work in close collaboration with other teams to maintain the high security needed when working with AAA-titles, but also be an autonomous and self driven person who's used to being a local connection of a global organisation.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


  • Acting as a Security & Risk Magement ambassador for the studio and assigned productions
  • Supprting production and key partners to understand and follow the game security program
  • Ensuring the proper schedule of game security assessments
  • Defining an anti-cheat and anti-piracy strategy among game production environments
  • Monitoring and detecting potential risk situations 
  • Raising security awareness among production stakeholders (e.g. producers, project managers, data managers, programmers, etc.)
  • Answering questions regarding security in production environments
  • Providing and utilizing best parcices and propose security approaches in line with existing business processes

You as a person
You probably have a business oriented approach to security, and trive whilst being the go-to person for a lot of different disciplines. You're used to using a pedagogical and analytical approach when communicating technical and specifical knowledge, and you think innovatively and on your feet, which enables you to quickly come with suggestions for improvements in a constantly changing environment. You are observant and understanding, and are capable of communicating possibilities and threats clearly whilst driving development forward autonomously. 


  • A degree in computer science or similar
  • Experience from a similar position, not necessarily within the gaming industry
  • Experience working with IT Security such as for example IT risk management, security architecture, communication and network security, asset security, identity and access management and software development security
  • General knowledge of Microsoft and Unix operating systems

Bonus skills

  • Technical or audit certification in computer security (CISSP, CISA, ect.)
  • Experience withprogramming
  • General knowledge of online games design and architecture
  • Knowledge of anti-piracy technologies
  • 2-3 years experience in auditing