Job position

Environment Artist

Star Wars Project, Art, Malmö

Job Description

We are collaborating with Disney and Lucasfilm Games on a new story-driven open-world video game set in the beloved Star Wars galaxy. This is a lore we love and want to do justice with a game and story that bring both new and lifelong fans on an immersive and outstanding journey that will stay with them for years.

As an Environment (Level) Artist here at Massive, you'll get the chance to use your artistic eye to create gameplay spaces that not only play well but look visually stunning too. Utilizing the power of our in-house game engine – Snowdrop, you'll collaborate with fellow Artists, Tech Art, and Level Designers to create unique AAA game worlds.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö Sweden, with the opportunity to work partially from home according to our Flexible Workplace Policy. Please apply in English (our company language), and we’ll check your application asap!

What you'll bring

  • Environmental storytelling through set dressing, composition & lighting;
  • Distribute and prop 3D assets throughout the game for great readability;
  • Build 3D scenes for environments based on concept art and reference imagery;
  • Collaborate with Level Designers to maintain gameplay requirements and Tech Art to maintain performance requirements.


What you'll do

You push what environment art can mean to a game through creative initiatives, and you’re not afraid to take responsibility/ownership for what's needed to make the game better. Your openness and flexibility complements this and enables you to provide insights from all parts of the development into your area of expertise, which makes you a valuable source of ideas and suggestions. 

Besides the above we’re looking for someone aligned with our core values and the following skills and experience:

  • A relevant portfolio of artwork (must include Level/Environment Art, ideally with a realistic style);
  • Proven experience working in the games industry on at least one AAA title;
  • Deep understanding of art fundamentals and design (including composition, color theory, and lighting);
  • Knowledge of 3D/texturing packages, and game engines like Unity/Unreal;
  • Solid understanding of the workflows required to create an asset from Blockout to final quality, and optimizing for real-time rendering.

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