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Environment Artist

Avatar Project, Art, Malmö

Job Description

Do you consider yourself an artist who creates gameplay spaces that not only plays well but also looks visually stunning?
As an Environment Artist at Massive you have the ability to work closely with designers and fellow artists to create unique AAA game worlds that stands out and breaks new ground.
You will be responsible for creating 3d assets while being part of distributing and propping for great composition and readability.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


  • Creation of high quality assets and environments.
  • Work closely together with team members and Leads to develop outstanding visuals.
  • Developing the player experience while working in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Environmental storytelling through set dressing.
  • Awareness of performance and optimization requirements.

You as a person

Being attentive to the craft and reinforcing quality by paying attention to detail comes naturally to you, and you drive the over-all ambition of the new standards for what environment art can mean to a game forward through creative initiatives. Your structured approach to finding the best solution for the challenge at hand makes you an efficient team-player who we can always count on to seek to improve the ways we do things, and even better; implement them in an autonomous way with minimum supervision. Your openness and flexibility complements this and enables you able to provide insights from all parts of the development into your area of expertise which makes you a valuable source of ideas and suggestions. 

Lending a hand and supporting your development team is not a point of disucssion for you and you're always attentive to your peers and coworkers, as you know the development of an AAA game is not a one-person job. 


  • Experience in working in the games industry on at least one AAA title.
  • Solid understanding of the workflows required to create an asset from blockout stage to final quality.
  • Strong understanding of current texture and material creation processes.
  • An in-depth understanding of effective asset creation and optimization for real time rendering.
  • Knowledge of composition, color theory and lighting

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