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DevOps Engineer

Avatar Project, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, IT Infrastructure & Operations, Malmö

Job Description

Working as a DevOps Engineer within the Build & Infrastructure team, your primary focus will be to maintain, develop and improve the in-house build system and processes. We are looking for an engineer to work with both our AAA projects at Massive, to collaborate and assist within the local studio as well as co-development studios around the globe. The responsibilities include short- and long term planning, and collaboration with Build Engineers in order to achieve next level reliability.

The role is a challenging and exciting position that will demand knowledge across several fields. You need a firm general technical understanding as well as the capacity to cooperate with people with differing needs and priorities. It is essential to be a great communicator since interaction with other teams is key to ensure high quality.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite. We kindly ask you to apply with your CV and message to the hiring manager / cover letter in English. Applications will be reviewed whilst the job-ad is posted. 


  • Making sure build and deployment processes are following known best practices
  • Liaising with and assisting other teams on a regular basis regarding shared issues and challenges
  • Being flexible and providing support for other team members during critical stages of development
  • Optimizing the developer workflow
  • Being aware of and planning in accordance with real world constraints
  • Keeping the build farm running smoothly, making sure we don’t go over our capacity constraints,   and ensuring the maintenance burden does not get out of hand


You as a person
You are service minded and enjoy explaining difficult technical issues in a down-to-earth manner. You think in innovative and creative ways and feel right at home working with systems that see constant change and improvements. We believe that you are observant and understanding, and capable of communicating possibilities and threats clearly whilst driving development forward autonomously. You despise doing the same thing over and over again and will much rather have the machines working for you than the other way around. You can drive change from concept through to deployment.

Besides the above we’re looking for someone with experiences within the following areas: 

  • +3 years of experience working in DevOps
  • Version control systems
  • Virtualization and provisioning
  • Great understanding of networking and storage technologies
  • Creating and optimizing CI/CD workflows using for example Gitlab, Artifactory and/or Jenkins
  • Service deployments using tools like Docker and Salt
  • Monitoring using ELK, Grafana, Zabbix  
  • Experience migrating to IaC, preferably using OpenStack

Good to know 
As we aim to build a team who continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible within game development (and because we love to learn and grow from the people around us), we might ask you to do a practical test as a part of the recruitment process. 
We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you. In the meantime, why not take a look at the videos posted below. 

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