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Data Scientist

Live Operations, User Research, Malmö

Job Description

Are you ready to use your knowledge of data science to create insights which will impact millions of players world-wide? We're looking for the next deep-diving data scientist to join our team; someone who can contribute to a team where we love discovering the essential information hidden in vast amounts of data. You'll be a central part of the team, and you get to influence how we work with data science as you generate insights that are actively put to use.

You enjoy making value out of data and proactively search and find the information who better makes us understand how our games are doing. Based on your analysis you can tell us how to improve the performance of our hard work from a business perspective.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


  • Building and maintaining AI/ML models on forecasting, recommendation systems, cheat detection and other related topics
  • Definition of player segments based on behavioral data
  • Analysis of data to provide clear reports about engagement, behavior, acquisition, monetization and retention
  • Creating, managing and maintaining dashboards for different stakeholder needs
  • Building and maintenance of the data warehouses in cooperation with BI development
  • Supporting operations and developers with insights based on telemetry data

You as a personYour specialized knowledge within data science enables you to see the big picture when dealing with large amounts of data with a wide impact and reach. As a part of the Live Operations Analytics team, your experience enables you to think outside the box when looking for solutions to challenges we rarely come by – all whilst carefully planning and structuring your work. This is also an effect of your ability to stay up-to-date both as a data scientist, but also within the industry we work; you are the first one to offer your knowledge and support to your wider development team when someone is faced with a challenging question or data set, and you also know that you can depend on them to support you when needed.


  • Programming/scripting experience, preferably Python
  • Proven knowledge of Machine Learning,  Supervised Learning and unsupervised learning
  • Basic knowledge in database queries (SQL)
  • Insights in adaptive algorithms and AI for data analysis
  • Relevant university degree with focus on data, ideally combined with computer science or game development or an interest in data in a game development environment
  • You are familiar with computer games from playing games yourself, so you can apply your valuable knowledge directly to our games
  • Drive, enthusiasm and insight into gaming and software development to be able to push our platform to the next level, by utilizing their analytical mind-set in collaboration with gaming experience.

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