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Data Manager

Avatar Project, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, IT Infrastructure & Operations, Malmö

Job Description

We are looking for a Data Manager with focus on Build and Release for both our AAA projects at Massive Entertainment. In this role you will work with the QC department and Developers at Massive as well as at partner studios. You will work on the projects to support users and make sure the project follows our guidelines for data and our versioning system (SCM), Perforce.

This is a perfect opportunity for you who in a previous job worked in Quality Assurance or as a Configuration Manager. This role is a great stepping stone if you wish see yourself working as a Build Engineer, Perforce Expert, tools programmer, or within DevOps in the future.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite. 


  • Designing and communicating release and branching strategies
  • Creating game packages & builds and enabling users on the projects to do so themselves
  • Optimizing the developer workflow
  • Assisting QC with finding relevant data and builds
  • Coordinating data retention and backup systems with IT
  • Being proactive in finding future issues and planning for them, for example: identifying trends in hardware utilization
  • Keeping the build farm running smoothly, making sure we don’t go over our capacity constraints


You as a person

Being service-minded comes naturally to you, and you might have experience in IT support roles. Flexibility and your proactive problem solving approach empowers you to deal with our ever changing environment, whilst collaborating with a lot of different partners through the organization. You find great joy in understanding how things work, and you take every chance you get to troubleshoot outside of your current area of expertise.


  • Experience working in a role such as: Quality Assurance, Configuration Manager or in an advanced IT-support role
  • Understanding of and experience working with Versioning Systems
  • Experience with and understanding of common systems, such as RAID, TCP/IP, general networking
  • An interest in safekeeping and organizing
  • Working experience with Windows Server and Active Directory is a plus

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