Concept Artist

Art, Stockholm

Job Description

Are you a creative soul who find art wherever you go? Can you turn an idea from a paper napkin into an art piece that inspires? Then we got a great opportunity for you!

Ubisoft Stockholm is looking for a visionary Concept Artist for an unannounced project. Working to brief from the Art Director, you will use your understanding of form, color and design to create images which raises the bar.

As a member of the concept art team, you will handle a wide assortment of jobs required by the project, such as rough production art, assisting in visualizing complex scenes or creating print-ready promotional art.

What you do:

  • Determine, together with the Art Director the style and look that will define the game world we build.
  • Produce illustrations, key art and other assets to communicate the vision of the project.
  • Create environment art and set pieces that raises the minimum bar for quality.
  • Provide lighting and compositional framing with cinematic sensibilities.
  • Collaborate with level artists to enhance playable spaces and visual fidelity.
  • Devise original character and costume designs.


You’re a:

  • Creative and imaginative mind with experience in and understanding of composition, light and form.
  • Fast iterator who knows how to leave a sketch in a rough-but-finished state, but also knowing how to pour time into a refined piece without killing the spirit of the image.
  • Skilled illustrator with demonstrated ability to draw from life as well as imagination.
  • Problem-solver, adapting to any style, direction and researching new tools to meet artistic vision set by Lead/Art Director, e.g. use of photo textures or 3D renders in your painted/composited work.

Are you a generalist or someone with a very distinct and developed style? Either way, we would love to hear from you.

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