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Character Concept Artist

Avatar Project, Art, Malmö

Job Description

Working closely with the other artists you will be developing the 2D elements that will constitute the graphic representations of ideas, provide inspiration and become references for the graphic design production team. You will manage a complexity of tasks from creating environments, characters, objects, atmospheres and the general style to provide practical content that direct and indirect groups can capitalize on.The position comes with a lot of freedom and we expect you to use your fullest potential and skills to create the most inspirational concepts possible. You should be self-motivated and have a professional attitude towards work and colleagues, as well as being able to both give and take constructive feedback.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.

  • Understanding and following the visual style of the game and the concept guidelines, and make that shine through in the concepts
  • Producing sketches to help the AD show the preliminary project intentions
  • Stating ideas based on direction and the advancement of the project with screenshot paint overs and retakes of existing illustrations
  • Effectively communicating visual intentions with wider team
  • Making any necessary changes to ensure that the work is in keeping with the artistic vision
  • Convey the color pallets sought by AD by using it in concepts iterate on selected sketches by adding more detail
  • Accounting for technical constraints and limitations to suggest realistic concepts

You as a person

You are a creative soul with a passion for games and a solid understanding of scene creation, with an observational and research oriented style. It’s important that you can work independently within your area of competence and at the same time you must be able to work well within a team. As a person, you are team-spirited and result oriented. You should have very high standards and a mind-set to create the best open world RPG experience ever, whilst being able to estimate and manage your own time. 
We can offer you a dynamic and fun environment, a friendly atmosphere, with a lot of creative colleagues and a great quality of life in and outside of work!



  • College diploma in fine arts or equivalent
  • Minimum 1-3 years’ experience in concept art, in the games industry – preferably with experience in working on highly realistic console game titles
  • Knowledge of 3D software
  • Architectural and anatomical knowledge
  • Mechanical design/industrial design skills
  • Knowledge of image composition

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