Job position

Brand Art Director

Brand & Marketing, Creative Direction, Malmö

Job Description

At Massive, we're looking for an experienced leader and director to manage our talented artists and drive the direction and production of the corporate communication and marketing briefs. Your goal will be to acheieve high quality assets for communication campaigns of both AAA-projects at Massive as well as the corporate communications department. 

The main tasks will be revolving around overseeing marketing deliverables by bringing creative leadership to the team.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


  • Organizing and optimizing the Marketing Artists' workflow and ensuring effective coordination
  • Managing marketing videos and static image deliverable plans, as well as being the go-to person for requests from Product Managers and the Communication Manager
  • Planning, scheduling and putting together a roadmap ensuring deliveries are on time and with the required quality for the different Marketing and Communication assets
  • Leading and managing feedback sessions between different stakeholders where a a culture of feedback and constant improvement is central
  • Taking on the human resource needs and responsibilities for the team; hiring, planning and prioritizing as well as following up on individual team members' development
  • Building long-lasting and strategic relationships with the production teams
  • Supporting the Brand Managers on different tasks related to asset production

You as a person

You have done your share of creative work already; having no problem jumping into Photoshop or Premiere to quickly fix a problem or prove a point, however, you prefer to empower and guide your team to find the solutions you need to deliver your work. You are able to understand the needs of your brand and marketing partners and if needed you will be able to smoothly solve creative disagreements. Once you join Massive you’ll establish a relationship with the core team of our brands and work with them to ensure your work represents their vision. After a hard day of work, you’ll be up for an after work somewhere with your team where we can discuss the latest on the movie theater, comics or discuss the profile of the latest director assigned to work on a relevant brand to ours. 


  • 5+ years experience in working with and shipping marketing assets
  • 3+ years of creative team management
  • Univeristy degree within related field or equivalent training
  • Ability to understand and excecute on core brand values of our brands to enforce their pillars on each asset produced by the team
  • Experience working with high-quality production and brand focus
  • Experience working constructively with feedbacking assets made by other partners, either internal or external
  • Knowledge on how to identify and act on growth opportunities for our artists and assist them in their development
  • Ability to identify and act on improvement areas on creative processes

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