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Audio Programmer

Snowdrop, Programming, Malmö

Job Description

Snowdrop is a powerful game engine that enables Ubisoft content creators to set their creative minds free. Fast and flexible, Snowdrop gives developers innovative tools designed from the ground up for creating the unknown. Snowdrop provides the perfect canvas for game developers to paint the games of the future.

We are looking for an Audio Programmer to develop, extend, and support the areas related to audio in our in-house developed engine Snowdrop. You will work closely with audio designers to design, create and maintain systems and tools in the engine. This will involve audio code at every level, from gameplay-specific audio features, to real-time asset management, right down to low-level DSP processors. Since our scope is so broad, we need a team whose combined skillset is just a broad, and so we are always interested in how we can enrich this with people who have different areas of interest.    

You will have the chance of working with team at Massive as well as Ubisoft game projects all around the world. In this position, you will be developing new features and improve existing ones with a focus on creating reusable solutions and sharing between multiple projects. As a Snowdrop Audio Programmer, you will be part of a friendly team developing and maintaining a variety of systems and tools. You will work in close collaboration with other programmers, sound designers, artists and testers to craft high quality, scalable solutions that bring Snowdrop and its various titles to an even higher standard.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö Sweden, with the opportunity to work partially from home according to our Flexible Workplace Policy. Please apply in English (our company language), and we’ll check your application asap!

What you’ll do

  • Improving the development of the Snowdrop audio-tools & systems in C++, in collaboration with the audio team
  • Maintaining the current tools & systems in a workable state
  • Being responsible for all audio tech issues that might arise, and find the most efficient solutions to fix them

About Production Technology at Ubisoft 

At Ubisoft, there are no limits to creativity. Innovation comes from every corner and our game teams are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to transform ideas into fantastical worlds. To bolster their efforts, Ubisoft’s Production Technology department is a transversal group that unites more than 400 experts across the company around a mission to develop the best tools and technologies that enable our studios to bring their visions to life. From designing our proprietary game engines and state-of-the-art middleware solutions used by our worldwide developer community, to leveraging the latest machine learning breakthroughs in R&D, Production Technology team members don’t just help Ubisoft creators make games: they work together to pioneer innovations that change the way games are made.


What you’ll bring
You will be part of a team of programmers where quality and attention to detail is highly valued. You will also work close to both game-designers and operations in your daily work, as a part of a team of highly motivated, enthusiastic and skilled game developers. You probably have an interest in creating games and breathtaking immersion. To be a good fit for this position would you most likely describe yourself as creative, hard-working, result focused and cooperative. Besides the above we’re looking for someone aligned with our core values and the following skills and experience:

  • Professional experience as an Audio Programmer working in C++ with a multi-threaded code base
  • Professional experience of releasing video games or audio-related software
  • Experience with game engine audio or game audio middleware such as Wwise and DSP plug-in programming 
  • An understanding of audio and/or sound propagation

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