Job position

Associate lead graphics programmer

Snowdrop, Programming, Malmö

Job Description

Snowdrop is a powerful game engine that enables Ubisoft content creators to set their creative minds free. Fast and flexible, Snowdrop gives developers innovative tools designed from the ground up for creating the unknown. Snowdrop provides the perfect canvas for game developers to paint the games of the future. 

As Associate lead in our graphics and render team, you will support the team implementing and maintaining various core render systems and at least be leading one of them. Example systems we are working on include game specific rendering effects, our node graph-based CPU/GPU particle system, the Destruction Tech, the post effect pipeline, and various systems to render Weather, Terrain, Water and Vegetation. 

Here you get to work on cutting edge graphics systems and support a knowledgeable team.  Join us and make sure we bring Snowdrop and its various titles to an even higher visual and performance standard.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö Sweden, with the opportunity to work partially from home according to our Flexible Workplace Policy. Please apply in English (our company language), and we’ll check your application asap!
What you’ll do

  • Designing, implementing, and iterating on new and existing render systems 
  • Working with C++ and shader programming 
  • Developing features for multiple platforms and different hardware capabilities 
  • Ensuring quality and efficiency for the code, the tools and the over-all process
  • Encouraging and maintaining an honest and open feedback culture
  • Organizing work and backlog using project management/ planning tools i.e. Jira

About Production Technology at Ubisoft 

At Ubisoft, there are no limits to creativity. Innovation comes from every corner and our game teams are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to transform ideas into fantastical worlds. To bolster their efforts, Ubisoft’s Production Technology department is a transversal group that unites more than 400 experts across the company around a mission to develop the best tools and technologies that enable our studios to bring their visions to life. From designing our proprietary game engines and state-of-the-art middleware solutions used by our worldwide developer community, to leveraging the latest machine learning breakthroughs in R&D, Production Technology team members don’t just help Ubisoft creators make games: they work together to pioneer innovations that change the way games are made.


What you’ll bring

We are looking for a well-organized programmer who finds the growth and development of the team important. You have solid experience with performance critical programming, and you can review and give feedback in a clear and constructive manner. As Associate lead you will attend many meetings and you need to be interested in organizing, break down problems and communicate efficiently. Besides the above we’re looking for someone aligned with our core values and the following skills and experience: 

  • Professional experience with C++ programming and debugging
  • Video games industry experience, ideally with focus on consoles or equivalent experience
  • Intimately familiar with various graphics APIs (DirectX 11/12, Vulkan) and associated shader languages 
  • Thorough knowledge of 3D mathematics, rendering algorithms, and data structures 
  • Experience with general purpose computations on GPU's 


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