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AI Programmer

Star Wars Project, Programming, Toronto

Job Description

On being an AI Programmer at Ubisoft Toronto:
As an AI Programmer at Ubisoft Toronto, you will be working together with the team at Massive Entertainment to create a new story-driven open-world video game set in the Star Wars galaxy. Our goal is to create a game and a story that bring both new and lifelong fans on an immersive and outstanding journey, which will stay with them for years to come.

Type of Position: Permanent, full-time; Toronto, Ontario; Hybrid, flexible work environment

When you’re an AI Programmer at Ubisoft Toronto, you care about keeping our players immersed in the game world. Using our most advanced tools, you make the unexpected come to life; in many ways, you are responsible for creating the exciting, suspenseful and downright fun interactions within a game’s universe. One of your biggest thrills is witnessing players engage with your work in surprising new ways.

You understand that game development is an iterative process and you work with mission designers to improve each new version. As a dependable and collaborative member in an interdependent team of programmers, animators, designers, and dev testers, you provide the remarkable AI knowledge that will create the most compelling and interesting AI experience possible for our players.

What you’ll do:

  • When you get in in the morning, you sync up to the latest code and data, and check your email;
  • Then it’s off to your morning scrum, where the team discusses issues that have arisen. You present avenues for AI improvement, and what you will be working on for the day – which is programming AI for non-playable characters’ (NPCs) behaviours, navigation, decisional systems and traffic systems, for instance, and fixing AI-related bugs;
  • In collaboration with designers, you ensure that the game’s AI systems are coherent and maintain high standards of quality.


What you bring:

  • An undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or equivalent training or relevant experience
  • Excellent understanding of C++, including refactoring, optimization, debugging and testing
  • Strong experience in profiling and low-level optimizations
  • Significant knowledge and experience with existing and cutting-edge AI technologies (e.g. pathfinding, behavior trees, planning, character controllers)
  • Experience from modern game development and a never-ending curiosity for the games industry and new technology
  • That rare mix of attention to detail and flexibility in your work organization
  • A proficiency to communicate with all disciplines and to support and elevate the team in terms of quality and vision of the game
  • You are creative and thirsty for innovation

We know that skills and competencies show up in different forms and can be based on different experiences, that’s why we strongly encourage you to apply even though you may not have all the requirements listed above. 

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