Moving to Sweden

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Sweden is a beautiful country, from its abundant nature with forests and thousands of islands and lakes, to its thriving cities and towns, filled with generous people, rich culture and gorgeous architecture.

Sweden has been on the list of top-ten places to live in the world for many years and in 2017, was named by Forbes as the best country in the world for business, innovation and technology.

10 tips for your move to sweden

Like all countries, Sweden comes with its own laws, regulations and traditions.  Here are ten things to take care of when you move to Sweden. Read more here

20 things to know before moving to sweden

Preparing yourself for Sweden may include understanding a few societal norms that are distinctly Swedish – some quite basic, others more subtle. Read more here

Work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance is essential to success. We place a strong emphasis on satisfaction in both work and personal life.

Parental leave

We are proud to say that Sweden offers generous parental leave for both parents, daycare centers, after-school services, child allowance and many other benefits.

a smooth move

We at Massive will make relocation a smooth experience by assisting with your work permit application, guidance and advice on relocation, as well as giving assistance with tax and social insurance authorities.

When I joined Massive I immediately felt like a part of the Massive family – both professionally and personally. Many here have moved from other countries, so everybody help each other out to get accustomed to Sweden.

Nikki, Senior Game Designer

Discover Sweden

Sweden has a love for outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking and sailing among other things, while also being one of the most modern and progressive centers of technology, design and equality. We have an incredible and vibrant game-developer scene, which is considered one of the leading in the world. We enjoy a mix of both nature and city life, with a wealth of activities anywhere we go.


Sweden is close to all other European countries and with ample vacation time and several holidays a year, it’s easy to travel and experience different cultures and environments around the continent, sometimes just for a weekend getaway! Sweden is a part of the EU, which makes traveling to other countries in the EU quite simple.

Life in Sweden

Living at its best

Sweden is known for its excellent benefits, especially when it comes to work life. Vacation time is 5 weeks, which gives you plenty of time to relax, explore our beautiful cities and nature or even to sightsee around the rest of Europe.

In the summers, we have almost constant daylight in the mid- to northern part of the country, and a wonderful coastline of beaches, clean water and small islands perfect for a summer afternoon picnic.

During the winter, we enjoy a cozy time drinking coffee and eating tasty pastries while the snow falls outside. And for ski enthusiasts, there are many places all around the country for both cross-country and downhill skiing.

Our larger cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö have excellent public transportation. Sweden works hard to be environmentally friendly by reducing emissions and finding green solutions for public transport. This contributes to Sweden’s clean air and water. Many Swedes walk or ride a bike to work especially when the weather is nice.


The cities of Sweden have everything from top-quality restaurants, an active nightlife, museums, galleries and a wealth of events. There’s always something happening. And with our dedication to a clean environment and our strong love of nature, it’s always easy to relax in a beautiful city park or explore the vast forests that surround most of the countryside.


The food scene in Sweden is currently one of the most diverse and creative in the world, with a myriad of culinary excellence from around the globe. We are very receptive to foreign influences, making our larger cities some of the top destinations for dynamic food experiences.


Sweden is a land of innovation and opportunity. Currently one of the most flourishing tech hubs in the world, the country has an incredible energy and an influx of multicultural talent advancing economic growth in this exciting region.


A way of life that gives a sense of well-being. Emphasis is placed on equality, education, a healthy environment and supportive community. Opportunity is open to everyone.