Living in Malmö

Energetic or relaxing, it’s your choice

Young and living

Malmö is full of people who create experiences for others – food, art and music. Although a fairly small town of 350,000 people, Malmö is extremely international with citizens coming from more than 170 countries. The restaurant scene is regarded one of the best in the country, ranging from Michelin star restaurants to the almost compulsory falafel.

With universities in Malmö and neighboring Lund, the average age is low and the music and culture scenes are active and progressive. Malmö has its own beach in the city, although colder than Copacabana.

A great transportation system and short distances make it possible to live anywhere and still commute for less than 20 minutes to the studio.

Discover at your own pace

Malmö is a small town with everything you expect to find in a big city. We value our high quality of life and sense of community. On one day, you might browse small cafés and boutiques, while on another day, you may go to a concert, opera or explore our museums and art galleries.

Malmö appeals to both those who like city life and those who enjoy nature. The city and the region of Skåne is abundant with beautiful and diverse nature to explore.


Malmö is a diverse and dynamic hub for people and culture. With a lively, central shopping and restaurant area, quiet strolls through the old part of town, parks, cafés and entertainment events, Malmö has something for everyone.

Relax in the nature or take a coffee in a quiet pastry shop. You’re never far away from excellent food, entertainment and the arts.


Right across the water from Malmö is Copenhagen, easily reached in just 30 minutes by car, bus or train. This European capital is probably one of the trendiest and most vibrant in all of Europe, famous for its design, art and food. It’s also a gateway to the rest of mainland Europe, which makes it convenient for travel and weekend exploring.


The city offers a diverse mix of cultures inspiring creativity in technology, the arts, and a thriving food and drinks scene. The laid-back vibe makes it easy to socialize with all the events and activities Malmö has to offer.


Malmö is proud of its high quality of living, environmentally friendly policies and rich cultural life. It’s a small, friendly city with everything you need just a short walk or quick bike ride away.

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