Do you have an age limit for interns?

Given the content of some of our games we only accept interns that are 18+ years old. We cannot accept interns that don’t have at least a high school diploma.

When can I apply for an internship?

Currently you can not apply for an internship at Massive, as we only work directly with selected partner schools for our internship positions.

If I want to do my thesis at Massive, where do I start?

If you want to do your thesis at Massive send us an open application. Make sure to include the topic of your intended thesis in the application. If your idea and qualifications fit a potential dissertation/thesis position we will be in touch.

Does Massive offer paid internships?

We do not offer paid internships. But as an intern you are treated as part of the team and will be invited to all company events, offered free breakfast and an opportunity to acquire new skills and grow.

Do I need to study at a Swedish University to get an internship/do my thesis work at Massive?

If you are studying in another country and are interested in an internship/thesis work at Massive, you are welcome to send us your application. Please note that we will only take on interns when the organization has the time and resources to give the student a valuable experience with the mentoring required.

If you are studying outside of Sweden, you will need to prove that you are insured in the country of origin, during the internship. Otherwise, we will not be able to consider your application.

Do you provide living arrangements in Malmö?

All students having an internship or doing a thesis work at the Massive office in Malmö are responsible for arranging their own accommodation in Malmö.

Does Massive have a trainee program?

Right now Massive is not part of any trainee program, but you can look for trainee opportunities within other Ubisoft studios via The Ubisoft Graduate Program. Keep your eyes open under current job opportunities for future trainee programs at Massive.