Date: 05 May 2015
Cat: Games


It is the 25th century. Mankind has emerged from the devastation of the Third World War and colonization of space has begun. On the distant planet of Krig-7b the Crayven Corporation is fighting a bitter war against their rivals, Order of the New Dawn. But the enemy they know is not their biggest problem.

The Ground Control saga started in June 2000 when the award-winning PC action-strategy title was released world-wide by Massive and published by Sierra Studios.

Six months later Massive, Sierra Studios & High-Voltage Software released the acclaimed expansion Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy, which added more depth to the story and made further innovations to the gameplay.

In June, 2004 Massive released the sequel to the original game, Ground Control II: Operation Exodus. The game was released to worldwide acclaim and has received several Editors’ Choice Awards for excellence.

Since November 2008 Massive no longer owns the rights to the Ground Control franchise. The game still has an active community however and for those interested in learning more we recommend you check out the GC Vets blog or forums.

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