Massive is a creative workplace where we work hard while having fun. We let you do what you love the most, in return you put your best work into the project.

Just like we have an obligation to the players to make the greatest games, we have an obligation to each other to create a fantastic workplace. No man is an island and at Massive it is all about the team and the project.

We are proud of our culture of open communication. Our strength comes from our diversity and everyone’s unique contribution and we encourage everyone to make their voice heard. The best idea wins no matter who came up with it. It’s about what is best for the project.

One of the best things about Massive is that everyone is passionate about what they do: we work with games because we love games. It’s a lifestyle.

Other than providing you with a fun and creative work environment we have breakfast and fruit every day. We want you to keep healthy so we offer subsidized gym membership and massage at the office. Working here also gives you a discount with many local businesses such as restaurants, game shops, fitness centers and much more.

But it isn’t just about work. Chances are you will find someone who shares your love of board games, football, archery, cooking, running, movies or whatever it is you enjoy doing in your spare time.